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The toddler years can be fun - and tough! The new mobility bring new challenges - and this pack will help parents come up with positive strategies to parent their energetic tot.


Mommy Milestones

Milestones can be a little confusing and stressful. What do all of the different developmental categories mean?
This video helps a parent to make sense of their toddler’s development, learn what things they can do to help their child hit those milestones, and understand how to nurture their toddler’s good behavior.


12-15 Month Milestones

Your busy toddler is quickly learning new skills in the areas of cognitive development, language and communication development, social and emotional development, and physical development. Every month brings exciting new advances to what they can do.

These videos cover the milestones your child will be hitting between 12 – 36 months, the abilities they will be acquiring as they move toward independence, and when to call your medical provider. 


Toddler Accidents

They hit the ground running and are into EVERYTHING! Your busy little toddler will be exploring, playing, and discovering so many new things. 
Topics include: •Toddler•Accidents•Exploring•Playing•Discovering• First Aid•Childproof Home•Choking Hazards• Falls• Burns and Scalds•Bites and Stings •Poisoning• Car Crashes•Sun Safety•CPR•Bruises and Cuts•Concussion.


Potty Training

This DVD shows the basics of potty training, including: How to know when to start potty training; Preparation for the big day; The “how to” of potty training; Rewards and encouragements; Dealing with disappointments; Tips for boys; and Tips for girls. 





Nothing says membership to the Mommy Club more than watching another mom struggle through a tantrum with her toddler. Every parent will experience meltdowns in their children eventually as they move through toddlerhood.
This video will answer questions like: What really causes tantrums? What can you do to help your child through this stage? How do you stop them and is this a normal phase of life or just bad behavior? Also some parent tips on how to cope when the going gets tough.



Your toddler is so smart! As they grow and learn to talk, toddlers learn how to get what they want! It’s an art. A finely-honed skill. And they learn very quickly that nothing cuts to the core more than a well-placed, repetitious whining demand. It wears you down until you’re screaming, “UNCLE!” But if you give in, it only gets worse!
In this video we’ll look at what causes whining and what you can do to STOP IT!





They grow up together, live life together, and share mom and dad. Sometimes they fight like cats and dogs, sometimes they show incredible kindness and sacrifice. And sometimes, they hit each other because they are bored. They are siblings.
This video sheds light on the unique relationship siblings have as they grow up together and work out interpersonal relationships, effective communication, and teamwork that prepare them for adulthood. It will give tips on how to parent your children to build strong bonds, and how to manage sibling rivalry.




Sleeping, Bedtimes, Mornings

 You put them to bed, and they’re back up again. Hungry, thirsty, lonely, not tired…how do you keep them in bed? Toddlers don’t want to miss out on anything and often naps and bedtimes become a class of wills. You can lead a toddler to bed, but how do you make them stay there? How much sleep do they need, and how many naps must they take? What does a good sleep schedule look like, and how do you achieve it?
This video answers these questions and offers solutions for some of the most common sleep challenges a toddler has so that everyone gets a blissful night’s rest! 


I Can Do It Myself!  

Independent toddlers are sometimes talked about in a negative way. The truth: a spirit of independence IS a good thing for them to have, but sometimes it comes out in difficult ways.
In this video, we talk about how you can create a home that allows your toddler to develop the four important qualities they’ll need for independence. And we’ll talk about how you can nurture this spirit of independence in your child.
Topics include: •Toddler•Encouragement•Confidence•Motivation•
Resilience•Courage •Independence•I Can Do It Myself.




The Importance Of Words 

Your words are incredibly important to your child because you’re incredibly important to your child! Unfortunately, it’s hard to always say the right things! Words are POWERFUL and can build confidence and self-esteem, or in one heated moment, tear your child down.
In this video, we’ll show you how you can grow your toddler through the power of your words, how to avoid saying the things that tear them down, and what to do when you mess up!
Topics include: •Toddler•Words•Shame•Praise•Behavior •Character•Love•Tone•Apologize




Toddler Nutrition 

Although toddlers share many things in common, they’re also each VERY unique. They know what they like AND don’t like, which can change from minute to minute. This is especially true when it comes to food. 
In this video, we’ll look at what your tot needs nutritionally, how to teach them good eating habits early on, and how to call a truce and make mealtimes pleasant for everyone.
Topics include: • Toddler•Nutrition•Food•Food Groups••Vegetables•Fruits
•Grains•Proteins•Dairy •Snacks•Mealtime Routines•Allergies•Serving Size.


Toddler Oral Health

Your toddler has mouth full of pretty white teeth. They can bite and chew and smile in a way that melts your heart. 
In this video we will look at why your child’s oral health IS important to their overall health, how to teach them good teeth brushing habits, when to see the dentist, and what to do if your child has a dental problem.
Topics include: Topics include:•Toddler•Oral Health•Baby Teeth•Brushing Habits •Flossing•Dental Visits•Preventing Decay•6 Month Old.