Bible Study

Growing and having a deeper relationship with God is both rewarding and challenging. These lessons get to the core of the issue without getting lost in the Christian "slang" of the day.


Offering Your Worst to God

**Trigger Warning: This video begins with a story of molestation and rape of a child.** Many look great on the outside, living what appear to be pious Christian lives, while struggling with sin on the inside. But God can see through the facades we build and can look into our hearts. In this first lesson, Dinah Monahan shares a horrible and painful event that happened in her life that brought her to her knees, where she was forced to examine a heart filled with hate and murder and offer up to God her worst.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Offering our Worst•God•Sin•Facades•Hatred •Anger• Forgiveness•Surrender•Lies•Self-examination.


Painful Truth & Forgiveness

Surrender is a hard concept to understand. By admitting defeat to our own striving, and offering up our struggles to God, He begins changing our hearts. God knows every rotten thought, every hurt, insecurity, jealousy, and hateful or prideful thought. He is just waiting for you to be honest with yourself and to give these burdens to Him. He will make it right.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Painful Truth• Forgiveness•Surrender •Taking on the Devil•Dying to Self•Heart Change•Ripple Effect.


From Sinner to Saint

Have you ever thought, "If I could become a better person or more like another person, I would arrive at spirituality?" You're not alone. But did you know that God wants you exactly the way you are—the way He created you? And by accepting this and surrendering to Him, He can do the work in you He wants and change your heart.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Sinner•Saint• Surrender•Spirituality•Trusting God• Condemnation•Shame.


The Truth Shall Set You Free

The goal of the Christian is not to focus on self, but rather to die to self. If we are to be "living and holy sacrifices," then it requires that we do just that. This means surrendering our natural human responses to life's hurts and disappointments (anger, bitterness, hatred, insecurities, jealousy, pride, hurt, lust, and the other sins of the heart) openly and honestly to God.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Truth Sets You Free•Today’s Climate •Self-Love•Dying to Self•Humility•Freedom in Christ•Living Sacrifice •Holy Sacrifice•Honesty.


Surrendering Our Weakness

God takes us from hatred and bitterness to His rest and peace. But forgiveness is not about forgiving and forgetting, and it doesn't mean restoration with someone who harmed us. It is about surrendering our hearts to God, the good and the ugly. In surrendering our weaknesses.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Surrender• Weakness•Forgiveness•Story of Sarah• Victimization•Restoration•God’s Grace• Wretchedness•Sinful Nature.


Gaining Victory

Spiritual maturity doesn't come from our accomplishments, but from recognizing what we are and feel, and from our willingness to surrender it all. We often try to control situations and outcomes to feel powerful. In order to grow spiritually, however, we must quit doing this and continually (for the rest of our lives) surrender our hearts to God.

Topics include: •Bible Study•Gaining Victory•Control•Power•End of Story •Man’s Heart•Life of Surrender•Spiritual Maturity.