Positive Partnerships

Being married takes work; living together without marriage brings even more challenges. This pack works through the nuances of a relationship and points to healthy marriages.


Healthy Boundaries (Women/Men)

A relationship can only be healthy if each partner understands and practices proper boundaries. This lesson stresses that each person is responsible for their own feelings, actions, and reactions - and they can choose to be in control.

Topics include: •Men’s & Womens Healthy Boundaries •Healthy Relationships• Boundaries•Family Boundaries•Boyfriend Boundary •Fixer Upper•Getting Help• Responsibility•Independence•Unhealthy Boundaries•Submissive Person•Meddling Person•Actions•Reactions.


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Cohabitation (Women/Men)

Cohabitation has a serious impact on both men and women. Each of these lessons give the statistics and helps the client understand the greater impact on themselves and their family. Finally, the lesson makes a call to action - decide to marry or end the relationship.

Topics include:•Cohabitation•Living Together•A Piece of Paper•Father Figure•Compromise•Trial Run•Economic Reasons•Practical Reasons •Long Term Commitment•Negative Side Effects•Fear of Divorce •Affects on Children.


Marriage Choice (Women/Men)

 Marriage is not something to take lightly but it is also a wonderful blessing. Both the lesson for men and the lesson for women stress the reasons to get married and the reasons why you would want to avoid marriage. 

Topics include:•Making the Marriage Choice Men•Why Marry•Being a Man •Stay Together•Cheat Less•Be Happier•Live Longer•Parent Better •Fewer Fights•More Money•Most Marriage Last•Living Together•Affairs •STD’s•Love.

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Staying Married (Men/Women)

Marriage is all about being committed - even during the hard times. This lesson is to help those thinking about marriage from the previous lesson. It gives them the most basic tools from which they can find help and support to make their marriage healthy.

Topics include: •Love•Other•Action•Uplifting•Make Commitment•Grace •Time•Know Family.


Single Parenting (Women/Men)

For those who choose single parenting life will be a little more complicated. This lesson helps your clients understand their responsibilities and gives them tools to be a good single parent.

Topics include: •The Single Parent•Risks•Married and Together•Married but Separated•Unmarried without Children•Unmarried, Living with Partner •Single with Children•Moving Forward• Cohabitation•Committed Relationships•Co-Parenting•Surviving•Lonely •Mentors•Mother’s Groups •Self-Care• Success•Child Care.