Babies First Year

 The first year of a babies life is so important! Each of these lessons will creatively teach parents medically recommended practices while relating to their shared experiences. Below are a few of the lessons that are available through our program.


* These lessons are also available in Spanish!


Mommy Work 

 Balancing family and work. With only 24 hours in a day, how do you manage these two full-time jobs and do both well? 

Topics included: first-year •anytime •balance •priorities •family time •housework •school •activities •self-time •stress •boundaries •electronics •relationships •motivation •discouragemen


Being a Super Mom

Mommies have to stretch like Elastigirl and wear a lot of capes all at the same time. This video will give you tips on how to stay organized, on time, meet the needs of your family, and maintain your superhero status!

Topics include: •first year •boundaries •prioritize •time priorities •truth •honesty •safe loving homes •listening •valuing kids •organization •freedom •unconditional love


Car Seat Safety 

Parents are responsible for keeping their children safe, including traveling safely with them. Car seat recommendations and laws change and vary by state. Add to that the stress of figuring out which car seat is right for your child and car, and how to install and use it correctly. It can feel overwhelming for a parent making these important decisions. 

Topics include: 2nd trimester •3rd trimester •after birth •inertia •LATCH •seat belts •tethers •NHTSA •rear-facing •state laws •installation •infant-only seats •convertible car seats •all-in-one car seat •forward-facing •combination car seat •booster seats •


Childhood Immunizations 

Opinions about vaccines are easy to find and it is hard to know what to believe. This DVD uses CDC sources and documented studies to explore the truth about vaccines.

Topics include: •3rd trimester •any time after birth •vaccines •autism •safety •ethyl-mercury •thimerosal •formaldehyde •measles •smallpox •Hepatitis B •rotavirus •DTaP •diptheria •pertussis •tetanus •Hib Haemophilus Influenza •pneumonia •bacteremia •meningitis •pneumococcal conjugate •polio virus •MMR •measles •mumps •rubella •chickenpox •varicella •hepatitis A •influenza.



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is a scary and confusing subject for most parents. Much research over the years has led to many different recommendations that have greatly reduced the chances of an infant dying unexpectedly. 

Topics Include Safe Sleep Topics include: •3rd trimester •any time after birth •sudden infant death syndrome •suffocation •strangulation •unknown death •reduce •back to sleep •firm sleeping surface •crib safety •recommendations •co-sleeping •smoking •smoke exposure •pacifiers •breastfeeding •swaddling •overheating •vaccines


Newborn Sickness

Colds, the flu, stomach bugs, rashes, and other bacterial or viral infections. These are many of the illnesses parents face when raising children. How do you treat a fever, avoid dehydration, or cope with a nasty cold? 

Topics include: •newborn •illness •fevers •dehydration •respiratory illness •colds •RSV •respiratory syncytial virus •flu •ear infections •GER •gastroesophageal reflux •spit up •colic •gastroenteritis •stomach flu •constipation •impetigo •hand-foot-mouth disease •diaper rash •bacterial •viral •fungal •allergies •eczema.


Infant CPR 

Newscasts are filled with stories about SIDS, drownings, accidents, and other scenarios involving babies and children. Knowing that you are responsible for keeping your baby safe is scary for any parent. 

Topics include: •3rd trimester •after birth •cardiopulmonary resuscitation •breathing •choking •CPR •compressions •CAB •blood circulation •airway •emergency •unresponsive.


Infant Nutrition 

There are many nutrients your baby needs in order to thrive. While a lot goes into providing your infant with a healthy diet, whether you’re breastfeeding, using formula, or eventually introducing solid foods, it’s really not complicated. 

Topics include: 3rd trimester •after birth •vitamins •minerals •carbohydrates •nutrients •fatty acids •breast milk •formula •proteins •iron •folate •zinc •solid foods •food allergies •hives •rashes •swelling •sneezing •breathing problems •stomach symptoms •peanuts •eggs •soy •wheat •shellfish •cow milk 


Getting Your Baby to Sleep 

When baby don’t sleep, mama don’t sleep either! It’s hard getting your baby to sleep long enough in order for you to get adequate sleep too! Why do babies sleep for such short stretches of time, and when can you expect yours to sleep through the night? 

Topics include: •newborn thru first year •newborn sleep •sleep cycle •sleep habits •sleep environments •sleep/wake cycle •self-soothing •cry-it-out •naps •SIDS •night waking •swaddling •bedtime routine •sleeping at night



We love our babies, but we HATE their crying. Especially the inconsolable crying that you can’t fix! It’s hard to listen to, and it makes us so EMOTIONAL! It evokes feelings from deep within! You may be wondering, “Is this normal?” “Am I doing something wrong?”

Topics include: •Crying •Cry •Hungry •Soothe •Excessive Crying •Inconsolable •Fussy Periods •Infant Colic •Crying Stage •Different Cries •Baby’s Temperament.


Quality Child Care 

Choosing child care that is right for you and your child can be difficult. This DVD covers the possible problems to look for, what types of care are available, and the questions that should be asked at the facility.

Topics include: Defining What You Want, Family and Friends, Licensed Family Child Care Homes, Licensed Day-Care Facilities, Locating a Center, Checking Out Facilities, Centers You Should Stay Away From. 


0-3 Months: Infant Expectations 

In the first three months, it may seem that all your baby does at first is eat, sleep, poop, and repeat. But really, a lot of changes occur as your newborn discovers life outside the womb. 

Topics include: •3 Months •Newborn •Milestones •Zero to Three Month Range •Child Development •Physical Development •Grasp Reflex •Supervised Tummy Time •Vision •Hearing •Speech and Language •Social Milestones •Emotional Milestones.