Parenting can be tough - but our parenting videos approach the subject with empathy and practical advice. These lessons will be used again and again as moms and dads learn to handle parenting situations each and every day.


Parenting Without Shame - Series

Even though we were all children once, we forget how innocently and simply our kids see the world. What changes that? For many, it’s shame. Shame doesn’t leave marks; it doesn’t leave bruises; you don’t even know you have it. And yet, it shapes our lives and the lives of our children. But you can break the bonds of shame by learning what it looks like and how it affects a child. Raise confident kids who understand their value and worth and grow in yours too with Parenting Without Shame!


Creating Motivation

I want it and I want it now! If you enticed your child with the reward of two marshmallows for waiting just 15 minutes before eating the first one, would they do it? 

In this video, we’ll give you three basic parenting rules that along with a few goals and expectations will help give your kids the skills they need to have better self-discipline.

Topics include: •Parenting•Creating Motivation• Self-Discipline•Delayed Gratification•Parental Involvement•Sense of Safety•Consistency •Love and Acceptance•Setting Goals•Set Expectations• Communicate Expectations•Self-Reliance.


Creating Honesty

We’ve all caught our kids in a lie or two. We’ve even told a few ourselves. Why do kids lie and can you teach them to tell the truth?

In this video we talk about why lies happen, how your reactions to lies can in fact encourage them, and what you can do to create an environment of honesty in your home to help your kids choose truth over lies.

Topics include: •Parenting•Creating Honesty•Truth•Lies•Consequences •Courage•Celebrate Honesty.


Creating Courage

Your child dents your neighbor’s car when playing ball in the street. Do they tell you about it or do they hide it and hope nobody finds out? We want our children to develop into courageous little people who will always do the right thing, even when they’re afraid.

This video gives you tips on how to help your children triumph over their fears and become courageous.

Topics include: •Parenting•Creating Courage •Admit Fear•Recognize Fear•Model Courage•Follow Through•Talk to Child •Encourage Courage•Teach Courage


Creating Kindness

We want our kids to help old ladies cross the street, serve meals to the poor, and become pals to lonely kids at school. But how do you teach them to be kind? Where does kindness come from?

This video gives you tips on finding those teachable moments in everyday life where you can guide your children to choose kindness, and how you can model this value from your own interactions with them to encourage their hearts.

Topics include: •Parenting•Creating Kindness• Teaching•Empathy •Communication•Random Acts of Kindness


Creating Confidence

What kind of super-hero confidence does it take to carry your child through life? 

In this video, we talk about the three things you can do to help create this super-power of confidence in your child!

Topics include: •Parenting•Creating Confidence•Bullying•Confidence •Self-Worth• Supportive Home•Childhood friends•Talk to Child•Listen to Child•Use Humor



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD can make parenting a challenge, as if it wasn’t already! 

In this video, we look at what’s true and what’s not about ADHD, four ways you can best support your child and bring peace into your home, and four ways to take great care of yourself when parenting a child with ADHD.

Topics include:• Parenting•ADHD•Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder• Inattentive• Hyperactive•Impulsive• Recognizing ADHD• ParentingStrategies•Behavior Therapy•Create Organization •Create Routines•Work Together.



Of the different disorders a child can have, Autism ranks as one of the toughest. There is a lot of confusion about it, but there are also many things we know today to help a child live a happy and purposeful life.

In this video, we’ll talk about the what autism is and dispel few misconceptions about it. We’ll look at the behaviors that could be a red flag for you. We’ll also talk about how to get the help and support both you and your child need, and the best ways to relate to a child living with autism.

Topics include: •Parenting•Autism Spectrum Disorder•ASD•Celebrate Differences•Repetitive Behaviors•Obsessive Behaviors•Professional Diagnosis.


Strong Willed Children

Do you have a child who is a force to be reckoned with? Who won’t take no for answer, won’t be reasoned with, and won’t do anything they don’t want to do? If so, then you likely have a strong-willed child. 

Topics include: •Parenting •Strong-Willed• Parenting Styles•Authoritarian Style•Permissive Indulgent Style•Authoritative Style•Gaining Control•Arguing•Making Own Rules •Power Struggles•Self-Taught Lessons.


Child Anger

They get SO MAD! And sometimes we just don’t know why! You expect meltdowns from toddlers who are just trying to figure out their big feelings. But what about your school-age child?

In this video we talk about what anger can really mean, and we’ll give you some great strategies for helping your child understand and manage their feelings in healthy ways.

Topics include: •Parenting•Child Anger• Professional Diagnosis•Anxiety• Stress•Trauma •Developmental Differences•Stay Calm•Talk Through Problems •Don’t Give In• Consequences• Positive Parenting•Cause and Effect.


Have a New Kid by Friday

In the “Have a New Kid by Friday” series Dr. Kevin Leman teaches parents on how to break free from the parent trap. Teaching and “training” your kids from an early age to set them on a good path and guide them to accomplish great things.

Some of the Topics in this series include: •Parenting •Teaching•Training•New Kid•Parenting Styles•Parenting Skills•Home Environment• Reality• Love•Respect•Encouragement• Discipline•Action Plans•Patience•Spiritual Direction• Priorities•Passions•Staying Connected •Respect•Attitude•Healthy Authority•Positive Expectations•Misbehavior•Belonging•Self-Esteem• Acceptance•Competence Enjoy the Journey•Consistency•Follow Through• Responsiveness •Worship Together• Overcommitment 


Value Packed Parenting Series

It's Never Too Late To Become a Better Parent. DR. KEVIN LEMAN is an internationally known Christian psychologist, best-selling author, speaker, and media personality.

In this series topics include: •Parenting•Right from Wrong•Safety•Security• Love•Attention•Be an Example •Direction•Boundaries• Responsibility• Discipline •Talking to Your Kids•Punishment•Giving Children Opportunities• Being Available •Talk to Your Children•Help Children Achieve Something•Dealing with Anger• Birth Order•Children’s Personality Traits•Children & Technology•Monitor Children’s Internet Use •Internet Predators•Technology Abuse Warning Signs