Love Lessons

In this seven-part video series, Love Lessons, Pam Stenzel covers what you need to know and understand about sex, STD’s, and sexual health. She discusses matters of the heart, our character, setting boundaries, and how to build integrity and protect one’s self from harm by waiting for the right person who will love and cherish us the way we deserve. Pam’s love and passion for today’s youth is clear in her presentation, teaching, and steady efforts to educate on how our choices can affect us forever. 


Sex is Awesome!

God created sex and IT IS AWESOME!! And He wants it to be awesome for you! He really does! But great sex comes with boundaries that protect your health, heart, and spirit. 

Topics include: •Sex is Awesome• Sex• Boundaries•Consequences •Unintended Pregnancy•Marriage•Relationship with God•Sacrament •Covenant•“I Didn’t Know” •Decisions.


Pregnancy is Not A Disease

 What is treated like the biggest disease of most sexually active teens and single young adults? Pregnancy! NEWSFLASH, pregnancy’s not a disease—it’s what your body was intended to do! The real fear should be sexually transmitted diseases! 

Topics include: •Pregnancy is Not a Disease• Pregnancy•Disease•STI’s •Adoption•Pregnancy Choices• Abortion•Rape•Parenting•Success Sequence•Help•Support•Danger•Opportunity.



These ain’t your grandparent’s STDs! Today, there are way more sexually transmitted diseases to worry about than 50 years ago and a higher rate of infection. STD/STIs are an epidemic in our country! Many cause infertility, cancer, and even death. 

Topics include: •STI’s•Safe Sex•No Sex•Over 30 STI’s•Two Types STI’s •Viral STI•Bacterial STI•No Symptoms•STI Testing•Chlamydia•HIV •Pelvic Inflammatory Disease•Reproductive System• Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)•Cervix•Pap Smear•Condoms•Herpes•Oral Sex.



Do you have trouble attracting the right kinda guy? Do you find yourself with losers who always break your heart? Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel never getting anywhere with love? WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? How can you change it? Change starts first by looking at yourself. We often attract exactly what we are and not what we pretend to be.

Topics include: •Character•Character Development•Sex•Biological Need •Spirit• Soul•Physical Act•Sexual Integrity•Living Together•Permanent Relationships•Healthy Relationships•Opposite Attractions.



Spoiler alert: Pornography is not harmless. Did you really think it was? Most porn shows strong images of violence against women and gives a horrible message that sex is about violence, power, and crushing women. Is this what you want your guy to think? And it teaches young women to accept abuse, violence, and pain. 

Topics include: •Pornography•Cybersex•Devalues People•Dehumanizes People•Crushing Women• Violence•Porn Addiction•Sexting•Dating Apps •Sexually Explicit Photos•Intimacy•Relationships.


Your Heart

Have you been hurt over and over and over again by your choices, and feel hopeless when it comes to love? Well there is hope and healing when it comes to your heart, and it starts with Jesus. 

Topics include:•Your Heart•Sex•Marriage•Your Soul•Healing•Hope •Forgiveness•Grace of God•Woman at the Well•Woman in Adultery •Recycled Virgin.


Protect Yourself

Wanna make those great changes in your life? You know, the ones where you build integrity, put in place healthy boundaries, and choose to wait for a healthy relationship? How do you stick to your resolve? How do you heal from past choices that have a stronghold on you? 

Topics include: •Protect Yourself•Accountability Partner •Remove Temptation•Guard Your Heart•Guard Your Mind•Guard Your Eyes •Guard Your Body•Group Dating•Never Meet Alone• Communicate Values •Communicate Boundaries•Healthy Relationships•Unhealthy Relationships •Share Your Boundaries.