One Heart Two Homes

One Heart, Two Homes equips parents with the tools needed to conduct an effective, on-going program for those who are raising children between two households.The information is designed for step parents, single parents, extended family members, and caregivers. Includes interviews with 33 guests, including nationally known leaders, teens in divorced families and adult children of divorce. One Heart, Two Homes promises to be life-changing for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage and in never-married relationships.

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There is Hope!

Meet founder of CoParenting International, Tammy Daughtry, who has been a co-parent since 2001. Learn about what co-parenting is, is not and what it might be in regards to its impact on children. Explore the question of, “Divorce hurts – will our children be alright?” 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Single Mother•On-going Communication •Joint Decision Making• Sharing Responsibilities•Personal vs. Parental Parenting Style.


Stable Parent, Stable Home

What about the first two years after divorce? Single dads are great dads! Find out how to unleash the power of fathering and develop and maintain connection with your children. There's nobody better at being your child's father than you!

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Single Father• Stability•Protecting the Kids •Confidant, Companion, Counselor•Childhood Freedom• Healthy Parental Healing.


Co-parent Communication

Knowing where we are and where we want to go helps us plan for the journey.  Language matters. How each parent talks about the other parent’s residence can either be painful and confusing to kids or it can be neutral and even positive. 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Single Mother•Communication•Perfect Pals •Cooperative Colleagues•Angry Associates•Fiery Foes•Dissolved Duos.


Meetings & Handoffs

A well-planned co-parenting meeting can be the foundation for healthy communication and provide freedom through compartmentalizing the process of raising kids in two homes.  Handling the hand off in an intentional and positive way will protect children from the possible “flashpoint” these moments can become. 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Single Father•    Co-Parent Meetings •Set Boundaries•Agree on Discipline•Setting Schedules•Finances in Divorce•Handoffs.


Risks for Children After Divorce

Inter-parental conflict is one of the most significant factors for determining risk for kids after divorce. Learn how to mitigate this risk, keep kids out of the war and move beyond the hurt and anger of divorce through healthy co-parent practices.

Topics include:•Co-Parenting•Risks for Children of Divorce•Single Mother •Divorce•Parental Loss•Economic Loss•Smart Stable Parents• Minimize Stress for Kids•Conflict Between Parents.


Holidays, Special Occasions & School

Finding ways to make the holidays and special events about your kids’ experience and not about the schedule is challenging, but possible. 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Holidays•Special Occasions•School •Single Father.


Critical Issues

Whether single parenting, co-parenting or parenting in a new blended family, finances are always an important “hot topic” to be discussed and processed between parents. 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Critical Issues• Single Mother•Finances •Realistic Budgeting• Sadness•Depression•Anger•Family Dynamics.


Abuse, Addiction & Abandonment

The first step in preventing abuse is knowing what it looks like. 

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Abuse•Addictions• Abandonment•Single Father•Domestic Violence• Power and Control Wheels•Minimizing •Denying• Blaming•Coercion and Threats• Intimidation• Isolation •Honeymoon Phase•Tension Building Phase•Explosion Phase.


Dating & Remarriage

Andy Dunn helps us understand the difference in being a single parent or being a single co-parent. That makes all the difference in the world as we explore how and when to introduce dating partners to the children.

Topics include: •Co-Parenting•Dating After Divorce•Remarriage •Single Mother•Time to Heal•Focus on Positivity.